Roof Concerns

  • I spoke to a lady in the sales dept. at Alco. I was told their products were not intended for use on a flat roof and in the event they were installed on a flat roof, the warranty would be voided
  • I brought a ladder into the living room to have a look at the roof and saw several gaps and other areas that were troublesome and I felt like the roof was much darker than I was told it was going to be
  • I texted Nick with my concerns and he became combative. Said the products they used were the only choice, that my roof was not flat, that the roof was made with the best materials and called me a busy body. I told him I needed him to hold off on depositing the checks
  • He called and kept repeating that I didn’t know what I was talking about, that the roof was professionally installed with the best materials, talking about how he was upside down in the job and calling me names. I hung up on him and called my parents
  • While I was on the phone with my parents, Nick sent 10 texts threatening to sue me and saying that I now had to pay the additional $1,500 for their measurement mistake and threatening to have me arrested
  • I contacted a client of mine who is an attorney. She said it was a civil matter and suggested offering to put the funds in escrow until I could have the roof inspected by a certified inspector. When I presented that to him he continued to threaten me so I informed him I had put a stop payment on the checks. He continued with the threats and name calling